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About Us

About Us

TNJ International is a professional chemical corporation specialized in the production and exportation of chemical materials with application in the fields of pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and food in China.

Since founded in 2005, TNJ International never gives up her dream to be one of the most powerful chemical producers and exporters in China. Under the unremitting efforts of TNJ people, the company has become a comprehensive chemical group with 8 factories.

Upon the sound foundation in the past, our fine chemicals are listed as the most popular products in Europe, America and Southeast Asia etc. We have established long term friendly business relationship with customers from all over the world.

We sincerely hope to serve the world with our high- quality products and good credit. We also want to 

share with all of our customers the profit, the product value, the happiness from our business.....

Let's join hands to walk into a prosperous business future!

Culture,Value and Performance

Our Belief

At TNJ, we believe in Better Chemical, Better future. We always believes that we should work hard continuously to make better chemicals including better quality and chemicals diversity, to serve humankind more, so as to put ourselves into the great cause of creating promising human future. In another aspect, only if we do better and better in chemicals and service, TNJ will be more and more promising and benefits all involved. How can we make better chemicals? we believe that we should stick to three aspects: Innovation, Responsibility and Perfection.

Our Culture

Responsibility   As an individual we should be responsible for our job and our position, for our customers, for our company, and for ourselves. As a company, we should be responsible for our employees, the shareholders, the society etc. We should be a responsible company that can help solves social problems and creates value to social development. We should produce qualified products and never sacrifice quality to get economic benefits. We should provide excellent and responsible service to our customers. We also should be responsible for our employees by helping them grow in a correct way and providing them a good working position. We should also be responsible for environmental protection.....
Innovation     As a promising company, we should be innovative in product technology, business mode, service updates etc. Innovation is the only way to keep up with the times. To make changes will make difference. At TNJ, we are learning about the latest information every day. Meanwhile, we always think how to improve our product quality, how to produce higher quality product more economically and environmental friendly, how to help our customer use our product better.....Innovation is the fresh blood to TNJ growth.

Perfection      For all work (including products and service), no end to pursue for the better. We have to think how to make it better and better. Only better, but no best !

Our Mission:  To care for human future with better Chemicals.

Chemicals has close relationship directly or indirectly with human living in all aspects, and humankind use or consume chemicals all the time. So high quality chemicals are helpful with no doubt to improve people’s life and living, and human civilization improvement can not go without the chemicals innovation and development. TNJ Chemical, by manufacturing high quality chemicals and developing new chemicals, is committed to improving the living quality of humankind and making efforts for the development of human civilization.

Our Vision:   To build TNJ a global famous first-class chemical giant. 

TNJ pays great attention to product quality. Quality is the key to market and the basis to being a good company. With quality, all mean nothing to a company. While a good credit and reputation is critical for a company to stand firm in market competitiveness and to go far more than competitors. It is an eternal dream for all companies to build up a good and famous brand but have to pay great attention to quality and reputation and enhance management so as to improve comprehensiveness. TNJ Chemical puts Quality and Reputation as basis to all work and strengths management in all aspects, with aim to be the first-class chemical giant around the world.

Our Value:   Communication    Respect    Reputation    Excellence

Communication is the best way to handle all issues so keep good communication is very important inside the company or with others including customers. This can avoid misunderstanding and make progress. TNJ advocates that we all should keep respect to others and their opinion, including colleagues, partners, customers etc. This is the basis to all good communication and cooperation. Reputation is the basic point for a company to stand along. TNJ insists all the time that we never sacrifice reputation to get for others including economic success. We should always strive for the better and better, and make pursuit for excellence in all aspects.

Development Strategy

An international and diversified modern chemical group focusing on three fields:  Chemical manufacturing, Trade & Service, Investment & Development.

Chemical manufacturing

Based upon the chemical experience we achieved during the past, we will upgrade the current product lines and technologies to improve the quality of our products, to make sure our chemicals keep line with the requirements of society development. Meanwhile, we have to development more chemicals with characteristics of environment friendly and market potentially.

Trade & Service

Apart from the chemical manufacture, we will take use of our chemical experience and resources to do chemical trading and service, including chemical import and export, domestic trade, integrated chemical solutions and financial service etc.

Investment & Development

On the premise that we keep stable development based upon our current status, we have to find new growth point in a long run. We will merge and acquire some chemical plants who are on the merge of going bankruptcy, to expand our current product scope. We will also do some financial investment, industrial investment, and strategic investment, with aim to seek long-run diversified development, and to give a new force for further development of TNJ.


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