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Sustainability: we care for human future

We are facing and tackling challenges from almost every aspect ! With the fast development of global economy, humankind are over-exploring the resources of the earth where we live. It is one crucial topic for us to tackle now, otherwise one day we will have nothing to consume. How to sustain it reasonable and moderate development of our planet and our corporate? As a chemical enterprise, we have to combine and take into account of the factors of Social, Environment and Corporate.

Economic performance

In order to survive among the fierce market competition, a corporate must have a good economic performance. Good economic achievement not only stands for the past, but also means the future. It lays economic foundation for future development, including budget for all aspects. That is why economic performance is very crucial for a company to make sustainable development. But how to make it ? TNJ always focus on the following points.

  • Strengthen company management

    Strengthen Company Management A good Management System can guarantee the good running of a company, is also the basis for a company to put everything in order. TNJ is ISO9001:2008 certified, and is also the Model Unit for good management by local government.  TNJ pays great attention to management system because it not only makes all work in o...

  • two

    Create More Benefits for Clients TNJ International pays great attention to the Win-win cooperation with customers. We are committed to providing stable quality products and excellent service.  We are developing new modes of corporation such as customized service and technology support which is tailored to customers application. To pay less but...

  • there

    Brand building-up TNJ is not only a legally registered brand in China, but also a famous chemical brand in many countries. This brand is what we get after about 16 years of hard-work.  It stands for time-honor, our reputation, our product, our people, our service, our company... We will go on the work to develop TNJ as a world-class chemical b...

Environmental Protection

How to improve the awareness of the importance of environment protection ?

TNJ invites teachers to give lessons on bad pollution from chemical emission every quarter; Also organize employees to learn Laws & Regulations on Environmental protection. We also organize some employees to go close to nature to realize how good the pure nature is.....through such activity to enhance the awareness of importance of Green environment. Read More

The action we take to protect environment

TNJ invested RMB 2 million to build up waste water processing center; Make promise and agreement of No Air Pollution for chemical production with government; Organize employees to clean up rubbish for city clean; Update production facilities every year to improve production efficiency and reduce waste; Make strict control on chemical waste discharge.
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The Awards we got for our good performance on environment

Awarded as Pioneering Unit of Environment protection and Energy saving in 2013;
Model Cooperation of Anhui province for Environmental Protection in 2014;
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Citizenship & Society
  • Good Employment System

    Good financial pay, good welfare and working conditions ;

    Good motivation & financial payoff system ;

    Good platform for development & job promotion ;

    Colorful activities to enrich employees’ living.

  • Social Charity & Donation

    Funds support to students from poor families ;

    Sponsors various activities for public good;

    TNJ donates money for the elders and disaster areas;

    Donates money and living equipments to disaster areas.

  • Volunteer Activities

    Organize volunteer teaching for students from poor family ;

    Organize volunteer to help the old in retirement village ;

    Positively take part in various activities for public good .